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2018_castelldefels_ono_riner Each year the Spanish Cup for Cadets is held, where Isabel Fernandez has given her name to the tournament. Fernandez has her own judo school in the city and the plan is to have the current Training Camp in Alicante and Castelldefels will still host another TC for cadets and likely as well for juniors. Fernandez’ husband Javi Alonso who was her coach and current president of Judo Club Alicante is heavily involved in setting up the Training Camp in Alicante. Also Miriam Blasco, 1992 Olympic Champion is from Alicante. Current Spanish international Isabel Puche is from the same club. Many top judokas live in Valencia such as Sugoi Uriarte. The club attracts many overseas judoka from Pan America for years. So next year the international circuit can be seen at another beach. Spanish judo legend Isabel Fernandez in Olympic Committee The Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) has appointed Olympic Champion Isabel Fernández as its vice-president, after the proposal of President Alejandro Blanco. Fernández was crowned Olympic champion of Sydney 2000 in the U57 kilogram category, four years after winning a bronze medal at Atlanta 1996 in the under 56kg.

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